Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2 Enterprise Architecture Jokes

1.   How many enterprise architects does it take to define “enterprise architecture”?

Answer: Well, that depends on what you mean by “enterprise architecture”.

(credit: Matthew De George [comic genius] - http://www.managewithoutthem.com/knowthyshelf)


(Ed. - I cannot find the copyright owner of this image. Please get in touch if it is you and I will attribute it.)

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Nick Malik said...

You know what's interesting about that second image? EACOE founder Sam Holcman, in his EA certification workshops, starts his presentation with a slide that shows the blueprints of the Starship Enterprise and dives into a story about the Klingons attacking. He notes how Scotty pulls out a blueprint of the Enterprise in order to answer key questions: when can Kirk fight back? How fast can they get out of there? How long will it take to repair? He points out that a business needs a blueprint to know how to respond to competitive threats.

Why do people remember it? Because it's funny. Chip and Dan Heath made that point in "Made to Stick." Funny works.

Love the first joke too. Hits a little close to home :-o.

Harry said...

What a jokes these are but EA tools are very helpful to speed up the architecture process.

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