Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Business Architecture the same as Business Context?

Gartner neatly defines the difference between business architecture and business context as:

[E]nterprise business architecture is focused on applying EA practices to the business dimension (people, process, organization and financials) in order to "architect the business."

[B]usiness context is focused on articulating the business strategy, market trends and requirements in order to ensure an effective strategic alignment with business and a focused direction of effort.

Below, I've articulated a set of examples of how I percieve business architecture and business context. You will see that it doesn't necessarily line up with the Gartner definitions. This is a classic example of where semantics (the meaning of words) is often far more important that any given definition.

I'll update this post with some more meaningful contect soon.

Business architecture views may include any or all of the following business architecture views:
  • business process
  • business services
  • business functions
  • business locations
  • business capabilities
  • business rules
  • organization chart
Business context
  • business vision, goals, strategy
  • business requirements
  • preformance measures
  • environmental influences (e.g. government regulation)
  • competitor activities
  • demographics
  • emerging trends
  • emerging technologies
  • economic conditions

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