Monday, September 14, 2009

The paradigm shift towards web 2.0 in business

Given that government 2.0, and information management & knowledge management are on the agenda nationally in Australia at the moment I thought I’d discuss an article called Leveraging Networks and Social Software for Mission Success by Tom McCluskey and Adam Korobow.

It discusses why web 2.0 technologies are a game changer and something that we need to bear in mind now. I suppose this should be taken as a caution against the relative apathy (and fear) that we have largely shown in Australian business.

Here’s a couple of key phrases for those that don’t plan to read the full document.

“These organizations were not able to spontaneously make the institutional culture shift inherent in leveraging a networks approach, which involves a change in perspective from turf to teams, hoarding to sharing, ownership to access, and, most important, competition to collaboration.”

“The most valuable institutional knowledge has always been tacit (not explicitly codified anywhere), and employees take this knowledge with them when they exit.”

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