Friday, August 28, 2009

The Skills of an Enterprise Architect

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) version 9 includes a description of the skill set required in the enterprise architecture team. Clearly, this is also applicable to the individual enterprise architect.

What particularly appeals to me is that the TOGAF 9 skill set:

  • appreciates the holistic role of the enterprise architect
  • describes the broad range of skills that might be useful or necessary to an enterprise architect
  • does not propagate the pre-historic enterprise architecture-centric World view of old where some EAs thought that they could be EAs and only EAs

The major criticism that I have of this list is the lack of emphasis on the role of architect as a persuader. Enterprise architects are influencers as much as they as are innovators and I think that this is understated.

I'll probably try to elaborate on this list in a future post.

The skills listed by TOGAF are in the following categories:

Generic Skills:

Typically comprising leadership, team working, inter-personal skills, etc.

Business Skills & Methods:

Typically comprising business cases, business process, strategic planning, etc.

Enterprise Architecture Skills:

Typically comprising modelling, building block design, applications and role design, systems integration, etc.

Program or Project Management Skills:

Typically comprising managing business change, project management methods and tools, etc.

IT General Knowledge Skills:

Typically comprising brokering applications, asset management, migration planning, SLAs, etc.

Technical IT Skills:

Typically comprising software engineering, security, data interchange, data management, etc.

Legal Environment:

Typically comprising data protection laws, contract law, procurement law, fraud, etc.

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