Friday, August 28, 2009

The Skills of an Enterprise Architect - Part 2

Another part of the description of an Enterprise Architect that is found in TOGAF 9 is as follows:

"An enterprise architect does not create the technical vision of the enterprise, but has professional relationships with executives of the enterprise to gather and articulate the technical vision, and to produce the strategic plan for realizing it. This plan is always tied to the business plans of the enterprise, and design decisions are traceable to the business plan."

Once again I have highlighted this part of TOGAF in order to highlight the importance of the 'soft skills' of the architect and their ability to build networks and to have the right contacts to be able to realise value-generating change.

I really need to get on to posting about ADKAR, John Kotter and the Paul Revere story soon to bring all this waffle about the importance of soft skills into focus. I'll do it soon.

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