Thursday, August 27, 2009

Estimating staff requirements

This is a very basic post but I decided that as I read or write enterprise architecture strategy documents and similar artefacts I would pick out both basic and advanced enterprise architecture concepts so that this blog might be useful to enterprise architects of all levels.

Today's post is a paraphrasing of a Price Waterhouse Coopers Enterprise Architecture strategy. The strategy was intended to move about 50% of the activity being conducted by 8 regional offices into a single national organisation. The other 50% of the regional tasks are to continue as they currently are. Basically the strategy says...

The staff requirements for the 'to be' or future state business can be estimated in three ways
  • a bottom up approach to determine the number of staff required to take on specific roles
  • a benchmarking approach to assess the full time equiqalents (FTE) in organisations with a similar role
  • an activity-based approach to determine the FTEs currently in regional offices performing the roles that will become the responsibility of the national organisation
I hope that this is useful to inexperienced practitioners or students of enterprise architecture to have some of the techniques articulated. A key point to note here is that these business architecture methods are not mutually exclusive. In fact it is quite the opposite, they are complimentary and (to the extent that it creates benefit) should be used to validate each other. Note that if this conversation was discussing a larger number of techniques or if any one technique was particulary costly then there will become a point where your reward for effort is minimal. Only conduct enough validation to be confident in your figures or as disctated by you scope, time, cost and quality constraints allow.

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